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In my Latino culture people typically get married young. Well not in my case. When friends of mine were getting married, I was getting turned up every weekend. I was that guy, out and about every where; out with friends, meeting new people, and taking Patron shots. That was my phase of trying to find myself.
 I can only speak for me personally, but I was lost. I dated all the time, but never seemed to keep anyone around. I had so much fear and anxiety of committing. I was afraid they wouldn't want to stay if they knew how upside down I was inside. How many questions about myself and life I didn't have answers to. I knew how to talk and get the attraction, but I didn't know what to offer past that. This is when I knew something needed to change. I had to change. 
Fear of rejection, depression, anxiety, no purpose, communicating thoughts, standards, and feelings, attracting the right person, struggles to commit, option mind-set, no deeper spiritual connection, chasing what's only temporal...some or all of this, including myself at one point, singles struggle with in dating. 
I'm here to help change that! 
Dating, in today's culture especially, can often leave you frustrated and feeling hopeless. Sometimes the struggle to meet the right person relates to personal barriers and other times it’s just not knowing how to navigate your way through today’s dating world. Let’s break through those barriers and expose the pain-points that you might be struggling with, and ultimately help you find your match.
This is my passion! This is what I love doing! And I'm damn good at it! :)

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